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Overseas Chinese students arriving in Taiwan for education shall apply for residency. Those coming in on an R.O.C. passport or entry permit and having household registration in Taiwan are required to register with the local household registration office. Those without household registration in Taiwan shall apply for a resident certificate.  Those coming in on a foreign passport need to apply for alien residency permission and get an alien resident certificate.


Entry and exit


Overseas Chinese students applying to leave Taiwan during summer and winter breaks or applying for entry/exit for special reasons shall apply through the school they are attending to the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior for a reentry permit.


Overseas compatriot students’ military service duty


Overseas male Chinese students that previously held a household registration in Taiwan and are of conscriptable age shall take follow the procedure regarding their military service duty as set forth in the Act of Military Service System starting from January 1st of the year when they become 19 years of age.


Please visit The National Immigration Agency website: Information for Foreigners in Taiwan for more information.

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