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Medical insurance and National Health Insurance for overseas compatriot students


To ensure overseas Chinese students have access to medical care, it is mandatory that new students join the overseas Chinese student medical insurance program for six months upon their school enrollment as of January 1, 2013. The Overseas Community Affairs Council should subsidize the half of the premium. Once overseas Chinese students have joined National Health Insurance program after continuous residence in Taiwan for at least six consecutive months and exited the country one time only for less 30 days, which after deducting the time exited the country and the time spent in Taiwan adds up to six months.

The Overseas Community Affairs Council shall subsidize for half of the monthly premium and overseas Chinese students shall pay the other half. (Please refer to related regulations, in case of any changes occurred.)


Medical and emergency relief aid for overseas compatriot students


To take care of overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan, from encountering great financial burdens as a result of large medical expenses, discontinuation of financial support due to mishaps in the family, or major financial loss due to force major or natural disasters  may apply to the Overseas Community Affairs Council through their school for subsidization. For those passing away while undertaking studies in Taiwan, their families may also follow the same procedure.

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